comino grando
liquid-cooled multi-gpu devices
for ai inference & training

GRANDO products are built around liquid cooling and tailored for the AI INFERENCE & TRAINING and numerous other industries leveraging parallel computations. Any modern industry heavily relies on stable computations and GRANDO is a proper solution to deliver it.

Comino GRANDO – engineered, not assembled.



As a Server, GRANDO is perfect for startups and established businesses for scaling multi-GPU cost-optimized solutions, multi-Core overclocked high-frequency CPU servers or systems for CPU-GPU combined workloads.



As a Workstation, GRANDO is an ideal solution for Workgroups and High-End Professionals, providing unprecedented multi-GPU and multi-Core high frequency CPU performance on premise: a laboratory or an office environment.

Optimized hardware configurations to run PyTorch, TensorFlow, JAX, NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit & cuDNN, AMD ROCm, Keras, ONNX Runtime, ChatGPT, Hugging Face, LlaMA, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, MATLAB, Character.AI, QuillBot, DALL-E, and others to deliver high-performance, multi-GPU-accelerated training.


GRANDO forensic product line

Ultra-compact liquid-cooled GPU-accelerated devices for password recovery and decryption


Passwords/sec in Office 2013+ with Passware.
The outcome varies from software to software, but always stays on top of the competition.


6x Nvidia RTX 4090 in top Grando configuration.


configure your multi-gpu device easily

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Comino Grando Review

Liquid-Cooled GPU Powerhouses published an outstanding review of two Comino Grando units equipped with AMD Threadripper PRO CPUs and either 4xA100 or 6x4090 GPUs. We're thrilled to announce that Grando has received the "Storage Review Best of 2024" award.
Interested in learning how we accommodate up to six 450W GPUs in a 4U chassis while ensuring optimal performance? Be sure to take a look!

Unlock the power of performance with Sentdex!

"A lot of inference power comes from this Powerhouse machine from Comino which has not one, not two, not three - it has six 4090s inside!"Harrison Kinsley, the coding maestro aka Sentdex, dives into the ultimate tech thrill with the Comino Grando Server featuring a mind-blowing 6x RTX 4090s!

I Made a Wifi Cracking Van

Our Password Recovery Machine helps to improve passwords in a Crackinator Project by Linus Tech Tips. Check it out!

The coolest Deep Learning machine

This is what Harrison, known as Sentdex, calls our Grando RM-S, packed with 4x A100 and a Threadripper PRO 3995WX. Harrison was fascinated by the tiny form factor of the 4xA100 build, especially considering the temperatures at which it operates. ‘I’m really impressed, I think that the biggest takeaway for me with these Comino machines is the custom water cooling, the engineering here is so well done.’
why choose comino grando?


Engineered - not just assembled

  • Grando is designed from scratch by the Comino team.

  • The quality Assurance cycle from idea to support in single hands.

  • All components are either manufactured or validated by Comino.

Built around Liquid Cooling

  • Maximizes the benefits of liquid-cooling & minimizes its drawbacks.

  • Designed, manufactured & tailored components.

  • Provides the access to unique configurations.

As easy as air cooling

  • Easy to run and maintain.

  • No need for a special engineer or infrastructure.

  • Up to 3 years maintenance periods.

want to know more how we build our devices around liquid cooling technology?

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Technology Partners

At Comino, we are dedicated to our flexibility, showcasing a wide array of components to demonstrate our versatility. This expansive range prevents us from being confined by constraints imposed by single vendors. Through custom-tailored solutions that cater to the specific needs of each client, our meticulously selected offerings ensure precise and individualized results. By embracing this multifaceted strategy, we remain committed to delivering exceptional, bespoke solutions that fulfill the unique requirements of our valued clients.